Problem: Narrow Rear Track

For over 30 years, the 70 Series Toyota LandCruiser has proven itself as a robust and reliable vehicle.

However, in 2007 Toyota widened the front axle and chassis on all variants to accommodate the 4.5l V8 turbo diesel ( and 4.0l V6 Petrol overseas). The rear axle remained unchanged.

The resulting 95mm difference in wheel span generates significant stability issues when heavily loaded, towing or operating the vehicle off road.

Many people have installed 'wheel spacers' or offset rims and tyres. However, widening by more than 50mm (25mm per side) by either method is illegal. This has significant insurance and public liability implications and cause damage to the vehicle during operation.

Solution: MDT Track Correction

MDT offer two complete rear axle widening systems.

Both are designed and manufactured by MDT to the highest standards and have been fully tested against ADR requirements.
Each system has full volume Secondary Stage Manufacture approval Australia wide and is a superior road legal solution to this track width issue.
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Multidrive Technology can also complete modifcations on new vehicles under compliance prior to registration.