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Specialist Trailers for SES Victoria


MDT has recently built specialist search and rescue trailers for SES Victoria- these are lightweight dual axle trailer with a module to transport search and rescue and storm equipment.  The first trailers will be deployed with Hepburn, King lake and Whittlesea Units.  The trailers have pull out trays and tool boards with a litter storage and plastic roll dispenser compartments.

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Multidrive in Antarctica

In December 2008 MDT delivered a MDT 5750 KG GVM Cab Chassis 6x6 platform to Australian Antarctica Division  for the fitment of a  high lift platform to be used at Casey Station airfield.

The 6x6 platform that was shipped  to Casey in Mid January 2009 is the proven MDT 6x6 5750 KG GVM  built from a donor 7X series Toyota Land cruiser and the Hi-Lift Platform was  purpose built by Speedie Engineering in Melbourne.

During October to March of each year three to four Airbus A319 flights a week ‘fly in’ experts and scientists for   short working stays for projects during the Antarctic summer – this replaces a long ship voyage of weeks.

Prior to this vehicle and platform being operational all baggage and cargo was hand loaded on and  off the aircraft though the passenger access and cargo hold. This was time consuming and  very demanding in the extreme conditions. Extraction of medical casualties was only possible by walking up the stairway in extreme conditions or by using difficult hand carried stretcher methods up the stairway.

The vehicle and platform now enables cargo and baggage to be efficiently lifted to the correct height for safe and easy handling. The Platform can handle larger items and Pallets  and is a much safer operation. The vehicle is easily positioned and the height adjusted to a preferred loading/unloading height – when fully laden the vehicle/platform can safely move to storage or the convoy dispatch area with a 2 tonne load.

The vehicle and platform also serves as an emergency evacuation tool for any stretcher bound medical cases,  giving  patients direct access to the passenger level height of 3+ meters,

The MDT 6x6 provides the Speedie High Lift Platform high mobility at the airfield during flight operations. The airfield at Casey is reconstructed each season and the remaining 2009 season will be now served by the MDT 6x6 and Speedie Platform .
MDT in conjunction with Speedie see similar opportunities for mobile high lift maintenance platforms to be used in similar roles and the mining and overhead transmission line maintenance role.

The following link shows the flight  operation at Casey


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