Multidrive use in Military

The MDT 6x6 MOTS ( Military Off The Shelf) derivative is an ideal 2500+ kg payload vehicle base providing the capability for an all terrain mobility solution for the military and paramilitary environment in the Light and Light Medium category.

The MDT 6x6 platform can be easily configured to cater for a general support role (baseline) or configured to several combat ready specialist platforms such as Ambulance, Command Vehicle, Logistic Support, Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Emergency Threat Response, Logistic Support and Maintenance. General Service - Troop Carrier version can accommodate the driver, crew commander and 8 troops.

The vehicle is easily maintained with COTS repair parts and simple vehicle technology able to be repaired in the field environment and integrated into established logistic support systems.

MOTS items include NATO standard lighting, Weapon Stowage, Towing and Lifting options, increased fuel capacity, Stowage compartments for water and fuel Optional 12 or 24 volt system and CITS. Main cab is climate controlled.

The MDT 6x6 is the stand out cost effective Australian Built Solution which is both affordable and sustainable in a combat and base environment in the light and light medium class.