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GVM & GCM - Know your limits.

Whether you are loading up for work, or heading out on another outback adventure, your Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and Gross Combination Mass (GCM) should always be front of mind. Operating your vehicle outside these limits can be very unsafe, and is illegal.

Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)

Your GVM rating is set by the manufacturer as to the maximum your vehicle can weigh. This includes everything sitting on the wheels. Vehicle, fuel, tray, water, people, food, beverages, the dog...Everything. It also includes Trailer Ball Mass (TBM) applied when towing a trailer.
Built into the overall GVM limit, there are also limits set for each axle. At times it is possible to be within your GVM, but have exceeded either your front or rear axle rating. So, weight distribution is also important.

Gross Combination Mass (GCM)

Firstly we must understand both Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) and Gross Trailer Mass (GTM).
The ATM is the maximum allowable mass of a trailer when unhitched. This should not exceed the Maximum Towing Limit of the vehicle, or the ATM specified for the trailer itself.
Whereas, the GTM is the weight supported on the trailers wheels once it is hitched to the vehicle.

The Gross Combination Mass (GCM) is then the GVM plus the GTM. Essentially this is the entire load rolling down the road.

Contact MDT today to discuss your requirements. Utilising high quality components, MDT has a number of ADR compliant GVM Upgrades to suit your needs.

MultiDrive GVM Upgrades

MDT holds Secondary Stage Manufacturer (SSM) approval for GVM upgrades on a number of popular 4x4 vehicles.

Whether you are planning to purchase new, or are upgrading an existing vehicle, MDT can ensure your vehicle is set up for the task ahead. Contact us today.

VehicleSpecificationGVMFront AxleRear AxleGCMMax. Towing
Ford Ranger PXIIOEM Rating32001480185060003500
MDT Rating35101480203060003500
Isuzu D-Max 4x4 2016 on - COMING SOONOEM Rating30501350187059503500
MDT Rating345013502030
Mazda BT-50 2011 OnOEM Rating32001480185060003500
MDT Rating35101480203060003500
Toyota HiLux 2015 onOEM Rating30001450170058503500
MDT Rating34501450200058503500
Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series - COMING SOONOEM Rating33501700195068503500
MDT Rating37001700215068503500
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Dual CabOEM Rating33001480230068003500
MDT Rating3780 & 395015402300 & 250068003500
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series Single CabOEM Rating3300 & 34001480230069003500
MDT Rating3780 & 395015402300 & 250069003500
Toyota LandCruiser 78 Series (troop)OEM Rating33001480230068003500
MDT Rating3780 & 395015402300 & 250068003500
Toyota LandCruiser 76 Series - COMING SOONOEM Rating31001480218065603500
MDT Rating350015402300 & 250065603500

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