Multidrive use in Fire Fighting

Multidrive has a proud history with the supply of MDT 6x6 and 4x4 models to fire services in most states of Australia.

The need to have a rapid response vehicle to safely respond in all types of terrain carrying an above normal payload including regulated water capacity and redundancy systems has meant the selection of the MDT 3620 , MDT 3720 and MDT 5750 by fire authorities is the normal.

The extra payload capacity coupled with mobility of the MDT fleet has become the preferred choice for rural fire services where extra payload means more water, ancillaries and a safer platform and environment for fire fighters.

These specialist vehicles now have a proven performance in operations and can be seen in the Highlands of NSW, the National Parks in Queensland, the outback of South Australia and Western Australia, and the Forests of Tasmania.

These vehicles are reliable, ready and responsive ensuring our natural resources and rural communities are protected.

The 6x6 Wagon Variant gives the service a response crew of 5 supported by 1000+ litre water supply